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Will Russia Occupy Belarus In 2017?


It seems that the Kremlin is preparing Russian public opinion for a serious crisis in Belarusian-Russian relations. The fruitlessness of Alexander Lukashenko’s visit to Moscow also signals that Belarus is refusing to become a Russian military outpost in the event of a confrontation between NATO and the West.

Lessons From Montenegro: Is A Coup Possible In Belarus?


The fact that the Kremlin was able to plan such an operation in Montenegro leaves no doubts as to its capabilities to launch a similar plot in Belarus. Analysing last year's joint Belarusian and Russian military exercises, which were developed by the Russian General Staff, also arouses suspicions

What Does A New Cold War Mean For Belarus?


Last week's visit by the Russian Minister of Defence clearly demonstrated the Kremlin’s intentions to undermine the image of Belarus as a country with a predictable and neutral military and foreign

Belarus Is Preparing For A Donbass-Like Hybrid War Conflict


On 14-20 September 2016 the Belarusian Armed Forces conducted large-scale military drills. Despite the fact that these military exercises were planned, they demonstrate a significant shift in security policy as Minsk increasingly takes into consideration possible risks and challenges from Russia.

A Containing Ally: Belarus’ Regional Role in the Context of the New Containment


The fallout of the Ukraine crisis has dramatically transformed the security and the wider international landscape in Central and Eastern Europe. A major confrontation between Russia and the Western countries made a number of institutional and strategic frameworks that had been in place before 2014 irrelevant.

Belarus' New Military Doctrine: What’s The Message?


On 20 July 2016 Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenka approved the final version of the new Military Doctrine of Belarus. The previous version had been adopted in 2002 and has obviously outlived its usefulness in light of the dramatic changes in the global and regional security architecture.